VGAME – Quick look at new anime-style mobile action RPG from Chinese indie studio

It is the weekend again, and it is time to showcase a couple of new indie mobile games from China! It seems that the success of Honkai Impact has spurred a slew of new anime-style action RPG, last week with Punishing: Gray Raven and now, VGAME. The first title from VANEPLUS Studio based in the city of Chengdu, VGAME consists of 2 worlds: the real world and the parallel world, where each of the playable characters have 2 personas. There is apparently a grand conspiracy in action, and players are tasked to find out the truth.

Gameplay wise, other than the hack and slash action, there is a heavy focus on active dodging and blocking, which proved to be a hassle for an old and slow gamer like me. It is certainly not a negative, and there is no auto-combat to be found (unless I missed it). While not introducing anything unique to the gaming landscape, it is still heartening to see how much indie studios in China have progressed over the years. Based on a promotional image, it seems that content based on Ghost in the Shell is being worked on. Interesting.