Goddess of Genesis – Quick look at vibrant mobile RPG set to launch in China

Despite having nabbed a big publisher for its upcoming in China, Goddess of Genesis (loosely translated from 启源女神) is still considered an indie game as it is the first mobile game from a new local studio. Following the trend of recent new Chinese titles, Goddess of Genesis sports a very anime-style of design as well, although the voiceover is actually recorded in Chinese instead of Japanese. The game does not offer any unique features, but the colorful world and lively characters do warrant a quick look. At its core, collecting characters, equipping them, and turn-based combat are the key gameplay functions.

The main characters in Goddess of Genesis are from legends and myths, with some familiar names such as Marco Polo, the angel Gabriel, Poseidon, Sherlock Holmes, Medusa, and many more. Some of these characters have combination skills when on the battlefield! There is a small chance that we might see Goddess of Genesis launch overseas, as its local publisher ZlongGames has launched global titles before, including Langrisser Mobile and Laplace M. Do have a look at the other 2 recent indie mobile games we covered, VGAME and Punishing: Gray Raven as well! These are really quality titles from other indie studios.