Blade & Soul – Unreal Engine 4 update arriving in Korean server this December

This past weekend, NCsoft revealed a new trailer teasing the impending arrival of the highly-anticipated Unreal Engine 4 update for Blade & Soul. Of course, the original Korean server will get the update first, currently scheduled for December. Though not yet dated, the update is apparently known as “Blade & Soul Complete.” This trailer is literally just a teaser, but players can expect new features such as upgraded graphics, better physics in battles and when interacting with other objects, improved frame-rates and many more.

Important note: While not stated, we believe the trailer is made using Unreal Engine 4, but it is not showing actual gameplay. That would most probably be another trailer.

Other than Unreal Engine 4, other new content arriving in the December update consists of a new awakening path for Force Master, currently teased as “Yin Yang”, a new large-scale PVP or PVE battlefield (not yet confirmed), and new story chapter which brings a new PVP field and dungeon. It seems likely that NCsoft will not be introducing a brand new class due to the Unreal Engine 4 update taking up so much resources, but stay tuned for updates!