Project Odin – Mobile MMORPG based on Norse mythology revealed

First revealed back last August, Lionheart Studio is a new developer based in South Korea and founded by games industry veteran Kim Jae Young. You can read more about the studio and the founder here. Yesterday, Lionheart Studio officially teased its maiden game, the mobile MMORPG known as Project Odin. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Project Odin is touted as the “first mobile game to use 3D scan and motion capture for realistic and immersive play.” Project Odin is currently planned to launch in South Korea later next year.

Project Odin is based on Norse mythology, and you might be familiar with names such as the titular Odin, Freyja, Loki, and the famous Thor. You can even spot Yggdrasil near the end of the teaser! Ragnarok Online is based on this similar setting as well. As seen from the teaser trailer and screenshots, Project Odin boasts vast magnificent fields and monsters of all sizes, with the giant giving a heavy vibe of Shadow of the Colossus. Kim Jae Young also claimed that Project Odin is a “ultra realistic” game. Stay tuned for any new updates!