Codename C – Mobile action side-scroller inspired by Castlevania is actually really good

Before anyone assumes anything, yes, Codename C is no doubt a very, very close copy of Castlevania, though for mobile devices. And for the record, even though Codename C is still in early development, I personally had more fun in it than Konami’s Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls. Well, at least for the first hour, since first impression counts. Codename C is now in development by Shengqu Games, formerly known as Shanda Games, more known as the owner of the Dragon Nest IP. Here is a quick look at Codename C in its very early stage!

Note: Codename C could be an officially licensed Castlevania game, as such announcement will usually be made later. This is just the Technical Test, similar to an Alpha Test.

A few gameplay elements really intrigued me during my time trying out the game. The whole map essentially takes place within the castle, with a “seamless big map” touted as one of Codename C’s main features. Basically, some areas of the map are locked until you reach the requirements, and players have to use the various teleport machines to head back and open up new areas. I can’t remember if Grimoire of Souls had a mini-map, but here it is helpful to watch out for suspicious areas which might contain treasure chests!

While I have not played many Castlevania games, I do sincerely feel that Codename C actually upholds the spirit of the classic series more than Konami is doing with Grimoire of Souls. There are other features which I have yet to unlock or try out, including co-op PVE and PVP modes, but I will certainly be back in the next test phase. Konami better watch out, it is apparently still struggling to get Grimoire of Souls ready for an official launch.