Seven Knights Revolution – Quick look at G-Star 2019 stage demo

Although Seven Knights Revolution is only scheduled to launch in late 2020 with much development still required, there was a short demo which some lucky attendees manage to try out. This demo only has a boss raid, and teams fight out to see which can slay it in the fastest time as part of the stage activity. Just a note that this is just a demo, and this boss raid might totally change before launch. We also have some summarized points from the Seven Knights Revolution team below, so do read on. More G-Star 2019 news right here!

● As mentioned previously, Seven Knights Revolution is a mobile MMORPG where players can change into any of the available heroes and use their skills. There is more to that!

● Players all start out as a normal character with the ability to wield all 6 types of weapons. There is no direct class system, so players are what they are based on equipped weapon. More will be added in future, but for now 6 are planned for launch.

● Players must collect hero cards in order to transform into them and use their unique skills. 30 heroes are currently planned for launch.

● There are 2 types of hero cards: Partial Modification and Full Modification. Partial Modification is still being worked on, while Full Modification mean players can equip other weapons (12 kinds for heroes) when transformed. All these are still under development!

● The story of Seven Knights Revolution does not necessarily connect with the original and Seven Knights 2 like a sequel or prequel. The aim of the game is to allow players to build a bond with the heroes and “expand the current worldview.”

● At the start of Seven Knights Revolution, the story will be more unique before linking with the original world view of Seven Knights. (so I guess it is linked to the original afterall)