Second Country: Cross Worlds – More details emerge for mobile MMO set in Ni no Kuni world

Just to confirm with everyone, Second Country: Cross Worlds is indeed a mobile MMORPG sharing the same worldview with Ni no Kuni, although it is neither a sequel nor prequel. The concept of 2 parallel worlds still exists here. A project co-developed with Level-5 and Studio Ghibli, Netmarble has set Second Country: Cross Worlds for a global launch in late 2020 and aims to showcase “fairytale animation” and “movie-like immersion.” The stage demo only showcase the PVP section, while the public demo has more PVE content.

Note: While the game is known as “Second Country: Cross Worlds” in South Korea, Netmarble has confirmed that the official name in English is “Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds”. This does not confirm an English version is in the works though. Stay tuned for updates!

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● Netmarble has confirmed that Second Country: Cross Worlds is developed using Unreal Engine 4.

● The name “Second Country” was chosen as Ni no Kuni is not a famous IP in Korea.

● The subtitle, Cross Worlds, is to reference the 2 worlds (details below).

● The story is about a gamer (the player) who wins a slot to try out a new VR game, Project N, developed by Ichi no Kuni’s (the first world) largest company, Mirai Company. So, he soul-dived into the game and landed on Ni no Kuni (the second world). There, he meets a princess and “poof”, find out the rest of the story yourself in a couple of years!

● There are 5 playable classes, as seen below, all available in the G-Star 2019 public demo.

● There are over 100 species of “Imazen” planned, but only 1 is shown at G-Star. These are little critter pets which aid players in battle with their unique abilities. They can also be sent off on expeditions to collect resources!

● One of the main features of Second Country: Cross Worlds is to build a kingdom with other players through activities such as donating resources, upgrading buildings, leveling up the kingdom and more! However, this is not yet available in the demo.

● Just to emphasize, Second Country: Cross Worlds is a mobile MMORPG centered around community building and collaboration in addition to the normal growth and competition.

● With that said, there is still PVP, where kingdoms fight over the rights to be named as the capital. Of course, players belonging to capital kingdoms will access certain privileges.

● Players can even move random objects to the kingdom. For example, gathering all sheep you can find in the wild and raise them. Of course, unless someone else carries and moves them away. Not only animals, objects such as trees, stones, etc can all be moved.

● The plan now is to only allow players to enter other kingdoms for a short amount of time through a declaration of war.