Crimson Desert – New flagship MMORPG is a prequel with story-heavy single-player campaign

Finally, we have arrived at Crimson Desert, Pearl Abyss’ upcoming flagship title after Black Desert Online. Crimson Desert has been confirmed to be a prequel to Black Desert Online, but the game will not feature many recognizable elements. It was also not stated how long ago the story takes place. Here, it seems there is a focus on a main character and his adventures, hence a single-player campaign being added. Take a look at the trailer below!

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Similar to the rest of the new games from Pearl Abyss, we did not get a look during the presentation of actual gameplay, so we guess that might still take awhile before being showcased to the public. Just a personal observation from the trailer, it seems that the main character always travel in 3… Hmn… Stay tuned for the latest G-Star 2019 news!

Update: According to the latest press release from Pearl Abyss, Crimson Desert is not a prequel to Black Desert. While the name “Crimson Desert” was originally a region within Black Desert, Crimson Desert is in fact not a sequel, but a whole new IP. The title started as the prequel to Black Desert, but during development Pearl Abyss began to create an entirely different storyline and a whole new set of characters.