DokeV – Flashy new MMO from Pearl Abyss was originally a mobile MMO

One of the new games which the house of Black Desert, Pearl Abyss, announced at G-Star 2019, DokeV was originally conceived as a mobile game before heading to console and PC as its main platforms. However, a mobile version is still being considered. Nothing much was really introduced about DokeV itself, and much was left for the audience to interpret based on the trailer. It seems that there are elements of monster collecting, similar to Pokemon and Yokai Watch, with players forming teams of 3. Also, these monsters can only be seen with special glasses, which was in line with previous details that they are “ghosts.”

Official description: DokeV revolves around a wide variety of unique creatures, known as “dokebi,” that grow and gain power from people’s dreams.

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On a closer observation, player characters do not actually take part in combat, but rather doing the summoning and using a vacuum cleaner-like gadget to suck up small crystal bits which the boss monster dropped from taking damage. Stay tuned to more official details!

Update: How could I forget about this! No wonder I was always thinking why the name “DokeV” sounds so familiar… Thanks to Reddit for the answer!