Heroes of Might and Magic: Dynasty – Cash-grab mobile game based on beloved IP launches in China

A couple of years back, Ubisoft announced it has signed a contract with China developer Longtu Games for a mobile game based on Heroes of Might and Magic. A classic game beloved worldwide, and even in China, a name was settled on for the game titled Heroes of Might and Magic: Dynasty. It launched in China yesterday, and it was nothing close to what we expected. With a VIP system and tons of pay walls, the game resembles more closely to mobile “city-building” titles such as the cash-grab Red Alert Mobile. A steaming pile of shit.

I could hardly stand what I saw and stopped playing earlier than usual, though the battlefield felt really nostalgic. Heroes of Might and Magic: Dynasty will most likely not hit overseas, which is certainly a godsend. Trust me, the game is not performing well at all in China, having no hype or gamers discussing at all. It seems like the previous beta tests scared all of them away. Look, China gamers might spend millions, but they are not stupid as well to plonk cash into a sub-par title such as Heroes of Might and Magic: Dynasty.