Lineage 2M – Character reservations begin in South Korea with no launch date confirmed

As odd as it seems, NCsoft still does not have a confirmed launch date for Lineage 2M in South Korea, sticking to the time frame of “4th quarter 2019,” which is between October to December. Nonetheless, the developer today opened a special website for players to create characters and reserve their names. According to press release, the initial 100 servers got full within a couple of hours and the function had to shut down. As of 15:00 KST, NCsoft has “expanded each server’s capacity” for players to reserve their slots, as seen below.

Other than server, race, class, and name, players can also reserve their guild names. There is an ongoing event where guilds with the most number of players during this period will get rewarded during official launch. There is also a daily login event now even before Lineage 2M launches. From an operations perspective, it is a brilliant move by NCsoft.

Also, the mobile app for Purple is now in beta testing. As previously posted, Purple is the PC emulator created by NCsoft. While the emulator version is scheduled to launch after Lineage 2M’s release, the app version will act like a multi-purpose gateway for NCsoft, including community systems and live-stream capability. Security add-on features, voice chat, guild calendar, boss timers and more are also planned for future updates. Awesome!