V4 – Key highlights from Premier Showcase media event

Over the past couple of months, we have covered V4 (Victory For) quite extensively, so do read up on those articles if you haven’t already done so. Last evening, publisher Nexon and developer NAT Games held a “Premium Showcase” media event to announce more game details and its launch schedule. We have talked about most of the features prior, and some of them have been re-emphasized during the event. We will be brief with this, so read on!

Inter Server World

To explain simply, it means all servers are linked and connected, and players may be connected to any 1 server as required. However, each player and guild will still be connected to a “main server” as there will be server vs server PVP action. These details will be displayed to other players. It is something akin to worlds within worlds, while all being connected together to function simultaneously. Through the inter server feature, players will be able to get more EXP and benefits, although the values have yet to be confirmed.

Photos provided by Ruliweb

We are not sure how to explain this in detail, but Inter Server World also aims to fix any large power gaps which might happen. This is better to be explained when gameplay is available. The team is planning 50 servers at launch, each with 5,000 players and thus gunning for a 250,000-strong community at the beginning. Really high standards being set!

Commander mode

This is apparently a feature only available to guild leaders. Due to the small screen of mobile devices, players are forced to PVE and PVP with limited vision. With the Commander mode, guild leaders will be able to see the whole PVP map from a top-down perspective, as seen in the screenshot below. Through this special user-interface, guild leaders can effectively give out commands. Once again, need to see this in action to get a better feel.

Photos provided by Ruliweb

Autonomous economic system

This might be a troublesome one. Nexon and NAT Games claim that it will allow players to set prices of items in a free economy market, with no price limit capped. Equipment which can be traded are only those obtainable through gameplay. We are not really sure about this “feature,” but it will definitely not take long after launch to see how it works out.

● The official launch of V4 is 7 November 2019 in South Korea, 1 week before G-Star 2019. We can’t help but to think this is a strategic move since Nexon won’t be attending.

● As touted by developer NAT Games, V4 is the accumulation of experience over the past 6 years developing titles such as HIT and Overhit. With over 400 employees now, V4 is the fruit of its long-term efforts and its response to gamers who have been demanding for a true MMORPG experience on the mobile platform.

● V4 is developed with 1:1 class to gender, meaning… gender lock!

● When asked by the media about V4’s business model, representative from both NAT Games and Nexon were not forthcoming, and insisted that this is still being discussed. The same answer was given when asked if equipment will be sold in the cash shop, and if boost items such as drop rate and EXP will be sold.

● An important feature of V4 is that upon reaching a certain level, it is open PK for all players. Of course, those who keep killing others will be branded in-game with penalties.

● NAT Games claim that collecting items is a core feature of V4, and even the “best equipment” can be obtained through field drops and hunting. A players can become a “top user” with “minimal billing.”

● As for game optimization, the team members at NAT Games are now expert at handling Unreal Engine 4, having used the same game engine for many years now. Players hence do not have to worry about graphical, battery, or heat issues.

● NAT Games talked about how after launching several titles using the Unreal Engine, there is no need to hold beta tests with the public. Instead, they are experienced enough to capture and resolve all issues just through internal testings.

● Due to time constraint during the Premium Showcase media event, the team wasn’t able to touch on life content (crafting, gathering, etc).

● NAT Games have an internal plan for the PC and other platforms moving forward, but right now it is focused on mobile first.