4Story: Age of Heroes – Classic PC MMORPG prepares for mobile platform launch

4Story was once a much-hyped fantasy PC MMORPG which had quite a sizable community, but like most Free-to-Play titles its popularity waned over the years. The English server is still running though, now under Gameforge. But that is not the game we are talking about here, as its developer Zemi Interactive recently announced… well, you guessed it, a mobile version of the MMORPG! Titled 4Story: Age of Heroes, it is an action RPG where players hunt solo until unlocking multiplayer modes such as real-time PVP and real-time boss raids.

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According to the official press release, 4Story: Age of Heroes offers Explore, Battleground, Conquest, Raid, Lord Sanctuary, Kaya Tower, Duel, Smash and Super Smash. Explore is a single player mode contents which consists of 24 chapters and 288 stages. This is where most of the grinding takes place. The player will engage themselves in earning gears to upgrade and sacrifice. All the other important commodities can be earned through different contents. Finally, players will battle it out for supremacy in the daily guild territory wars.

If you did not know, developer Zemi Interactive has been developing games since 2002 in South Korea. Other than 4Story, its other hit MMORPG title is Travia (not to be mistaken with Travian), which has since closed down. The PC version of 4Story has been localized in nearly 20 different languages so far. Remember to pre-register for 4Story: Age of Heroes!