Rockman X DiVE – Series producer speaks on his experience developing mobile version

It has been a couple of weeks since the Closed Beta phase for Mega Man X DiVE concluded, and recently developer Capcom unveiled a new video with the appearance of Mr Tsuchiya Kazuhiro, the producer for many Mega Man games. In the video, he gave his opinions on the features and systems in Mega Man X DiVE, and how it differs from the traditional Mega Man games. Some key highlights include how innovative the “Deep Log” world is, the many different weapons each character can wield, and trying to replicate the gamepad controls.

Mr Tsuchiya Kazuhiro also stated that it might be some time before Mega Man X DiVE officially launches, and the team is working hard to prepare the game. With almost all gamers owning a smartphone these days, we would say that it is time for the Mega Man series to have a proper mobile version as well. In our preview of the game, our main grip was with the controls, as there weren’t just as many buttons as a gamepad and players might find it frustrating. Hopefully the control scheme will be polished in the next test!