Mega Man X DiVE – Capcom introduces 3 game features for upcoming mobile game

[Closed Beta details] Following the previous article where the PVE co-op mode was first introduced, Capcom Taiwan has moved forward to announce another 3 key game features for Mega Man X DiVE. These include boss skills, PVP mode, and a brand new character in the Mega Man X series! First, players will be able to equip the chips of defeated bosses and gain their skills. Not just X has the ability to do this, but all playable characters can use this system! There are both active and passive skills which can be obtained from these chips, hence players must choose which to equip for different battles. A really cool legacy system!

Next up is the PVP mode in Mega Man X DiVE, which is a bold, new concept in the Mega Man series. Capcom Taiwan did not provide much details about this, but you can figure out yourself by watching the trailer below. PVP in a Mega Man game… this is going to be epic!

Finally, we are introduced to the new female character in Mega Man X DiVE, RiCO. She is a Navigator who helps players in the game, so we guess that she is a tutorial and gameplay guide NPC of sorts. RiCO is likely not playable. Stay tuned for more updates on the game!