Mega Man X DiVE – Closed Beta registration begins for Android gamers

Following the recent announcement of Mega Man X DiVE by Capcom Taiwan, the developer today revealed that the time for Closed Beta testing is near! There are 2 ways to enter Closed Beta, and did we mention there are only 30,000 global slots available? While we currently do not know much about Mega Man X DiVE yet, we do know that fan favorites such as X, Zero, Axl, Roll, Rush, Proto Man, and many more are in the game. Register now!

Closed Beta details

• Region: Global

• Platform: Android (Google Play) only

• Start date: End of August, no confirmed date yet

• Player limit: Only 30,000 players will be selected to enter Closed Beta. Not first-com-first serve, so take your time before the closing date.

Method 1 to register for Closed Beta

• Proceed to this website:

• Follow the directions shown in the image below:

• For some reason, the website only accepts emails ending with “”

• Closed Beta registration ends on 22 August at 12:00 PM (GMT +8)

• Check back if you are selected at the same website on 23 August at 12:00 PM (GMT +8)

Method 2 to register for Closed Beta

• Join the “Memory from Deep Log” event on the official Facebook page

• Follow the instructions found on this Facebook post