Mega Man X DiVE – Capcom announces upcoming global launch of new mobile action game

Capcom Taiwan today announced that its upcoming mobile title, Mega Man X DiVE, will launch globally later this year. Based on the Mega Man X series, this mobile version comes equipped with classic gameplay elements such as side-scrolling combat, bosses with a variety of different attributes and behavior, and also transferable weapons after defeating them. Mega Man X DiVE is not only aimed at core fans of the series, but new players too.

Note: Rockman is the original name of the character which is still used in Japan and Asia. For the western market, he was renamed to Mega Man instead. Hence, you see the mashup of these 2 names sometimes in different regions and marketing images. It seems that Capcom has no intention of standardizing the name and feels fine keeping the confusion.

The story of Mega Man X DiVE takes place in the digital world of Deep Log. Due to anomalies happening in Deep Log, enemies known as Mavericks have appeared and started wreaking havoc which affected the players as well. It is now up to the players to sortie and repair the damaged network! According to the official press release, Mega Man X DiVE will feature several playable characters from the Mega Man X series and even Mega Man X Command Mission! They include X, Zero, Axl, Roll, Rush, Proto Man, and many others.