World of Dragon Nest – Pre-Closed Beta version FAQ Part 2

Following Part 1 posted yesterday, today we continue with Part 2 of our journey in World of Dragon Nest! Once again, Nexon Thailand was gracious to invite some players to try out the Pre-Closed Beta version of the game, which is not 100% complete yet. In this article, we continue with some burning questions gamers might have while waiting for the official Closed Beta to begin. Similar to Part 1, the FAQ format will be used since it is easier to understand for everyone. Do not miss reading our interview with Nexon Thailand too!

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Q: Is the “swap” system easy to use?

A: The “swap” system is technically just 1 button away. It really depends on skilled you are with your fingers in the end, haha (no sexual jokes please). Like most mobile action RPG titles, there are many commands which needs to be pressed and actions such as rise-up (after getting beat down) which lasts only a few seconds for players to activate. Seasoned gamers will be happy that despite the cool-down, the different skills between 2 weapons can be chained together, provided the monster does not knock you down first…

During the earlier levels, skills can be chained together quite easily. But soon enough, other than the boss monsters, even normal monsters have the skills to disrupt players and break the combo chain. It does feel like having 2 classes in 1 character though, so we could see why the job advancement system was not implemented. It is eventually up to each player’s taste, and we urge everyone to test out the “swap” system during Closed Beta.

Q: Does it mean players have to add skills points equally to both set of weapons?

A: For us playing as a cleric, we randomly swapped our weapons at first, but gradually used the wand+lightning setup for larger number of monsters, while using mace for more 1 vs 1 boss encounters. It really depends on your personal playstyle and the skills you added! We decided to add equal skill points for both weapon sets since we swap quite often. You could add all points into 1 weapon’s skills, but that would really defeat the purpose of this new system.

Q: Is there a stamina system?

A: Yes, there is! But in all honesty, we could play for hours without any hindrance or noticing the stamina points available… Which means the game could be too lenient right now? Well, we shall find out in Closed Beta!

Life skills

Q: How important are life skills such as fishing and farming?

A: Every action and activity is important in World of Dragon Nest. There are milestones to be reached, such as 100 successful fishing or 100 herbs planted (just examples), which gives players permanent stats when goals are achieved. Even actions such as “Use normal skills 30 times” will give players a permanent ATK +6. So yes, fishing and farming is important, but any actions are equally important in the game.

To level up mounts and pets, the fastest way is to keep making food for them using raw material gathered from the open world. Or cook fishes!


Q: How different are nests in World of Dragon Nest?

A: As mentioned in Part 1, we did not get any equipment drop from nests, which is normal in the PC version if we remember correctly. We only managed to get 2 rings thus far for equipment. Nests bosses drop an essential material to craft equipment, so with limited number of entries per day, it is wise to do them faithfully! Too bad there is no “auto raid” function once a nest has been completed… And yes, nest entry tickets drop from open world monsters, so better start farming!