Lime Odyssey – Mobile version of defunct PC MMORPG announced

The story of the Korean PC MMORPG known as Lime Odyssey is a rather odd one. Switching between a couple of developers, and eventually closing down in Korea on 20 Feb 2014, Lime Odyssey never launched in the western market despite being signed by Aeria Games. However, it has already built up quite an impressive community, which is quite a waste. There were plans to have a mobile game Lime Odyssey: Conquest in 2016, but that did not work out as well. Today, an unknown Korean company Neonovice, without a proper working website, revealed it has secured rights to the Lime Odyssey IP to make a new game.

I am not an expert on how IP law works, but it seems the Lime Odyssey IP is still worth some money to the previous original developers. Unfortunately, Neonovice will not be making this new mobile title, but rather work with an unnamed “well-known” China partner to develop the game. Yes, Lime Odyssey will become a China-developed mobile title (genre unknown), and I know that sounds horrible already. Stay tuned for more future updates!