Crazy Racing KartRider – Mobile version of popular racing game launches in China

Chinese games publisher Tiancity, where Nexon is a majority stakeholder, recently launched Crazy Racing KartRider for the mobile platform domestically. We are guessing that the game launched in China first instead of South Korea as the PC version of Kartrider is still super-popular there and Nexon holding regular esports tournaments with big paychecks. Crazy Racing KartRider has tons of features, including costumes, unique karts, and more.

Co-developed by Tiancity and Tencent, players can expect a variety of game modes, such as Racing, Arcade, Ranked, Story, and Time Trial. The fun types are within the Arcade mode, with Team Item Race and Team Infinite Booster being my favorites. With that said, I have feet for hands, so Crazy Racing KartRider isn’t really for me long-term. As previously reported, Nexon seems to be preparing the game for a global launch. Stay tuned for more!