Dragon’s Dogma Online – Capcom announces closure of Japanese MMORPG

Capcom today announced the closure of Dragon’s Dogma Online in Japan, with the server permanently shutting down on 5 December later this year. Launched back in August 2015, Dragon’s Dogma Online is playable on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. The official notice stated that due to the team being unable to “continuing provide services that satisfy the players,” a tough decision has to be made. The plan to launch Dragon’s Dogma Online in Taiwan seems to be scrapped. The game will have no overseas server at its death.

With an epic fantasy storyline taking place on the land of Lestania, tons of huge boss monsters, 11 unique classes with a focus on party play, and also regular game content updates, it is indeed a pity that Dragon’s Dogma Online did not launch in more territories earlier in its lifespan. It was mentioned that the animated series based on Dragon’s Dogma lore is still ongoing with Netflix. The core series for Dragon’s Dogma is also in development.