Crazy Racing KartRider – Nexon files trademark for new racing game

The PC version of Crazy Racing KartRider has always been a major title for Nexon in South Korea and China, both in terms of popularity and profits. The game did not quite manage to head outside of Asia, and an iOS version “KartRider Rush” released in North America in 2011 did not last long as well. But things are about to change, as it was revealed that Nexon Korea claimed 3 copyrights for the IP last month, presumably for the global market.

A new mobile version, known as “Crazy Racing KartRider”, is now in the pre-registration phase in China under Tencent Games. The Korean PC version has also changed its name to “GOD KartRider” after a major update. It is currently unknown what the mysterious trademark “KartRider: Drift” is for, but it is most likely the mobile version’s title. No matter, Nexon Korea is bound to launch a new racing game soon, so stay tuned for more updates!

A last minute addition, here is a preview gameplay footage of the new mobile version, Crazy Racing KartRider, during the current Closed Beta phase in China. Note: This might not be the game Nexon Korea is launching globally, but I wouldn’t bet against it.