Closers – New character Bai arrives with her powerful ice blade

[Play free now] After 2 weeks of preparatory events, the new character Bai has finally landed in Closers to assist in fending the aliens off our dimension! While Bai may be something of an enigma to others, she never hesitates to take on all comers with her icy attacks. Imbued with power (and burden), Bai Winchester is the newest member of the Wildhüter. Using devastating ice-based attacks, this mysterious Closer will stop at nothing to protect those that need it. Learn more about Bai in her backstory trailer found below!

The team at En Masse Entertainment has a number of exciting opportunities designed for players to become invested in Bai’s story and to get her off the ground running.

• Players who reach level 67 on April 30th with a Bai character will receive 500 EMP.

• From April 23rd to May 21st, leveling Bai receives special leveling supplies until she hits level 85. This is limited to one Bai character per account.

• The Bai Crafting Event rewards players clearing dungeons with Bai with Ice Tokens that can be used in crafting.

• There are also new Bai-specific items added to the EMP Store and Bitna.