Raziel – Quick look at new Chinese mobile action RPG launched by Tencent Games

Tencent Games, China’s largest games publisher and developer, recently launched a new mobile action RPG Raziel with little to no fanfare. Developed by Chinese studio Indra Soft, Raziel actually soft-launched in some overseas countries before back in 2017. It seemed like the English version did not get the expected test results, and hence the game was quietly pulled before this China launch. With 3 starting classes and 2 more obtained in-game, the first impression which hit us was… the vibe is so much like classic Diablo 2!

We do love the color palette of Raziel, including the nostalgic cinematic cut-scenes and tons of loot drops. As mentioned, there isn’t much marketing done by Tencent Games prior to Raziel’s launch, which is certainly a pity. This is perhaps due to the huge success of its mobile battle royale, Game for Peace, now earning millions each day in China. If there is a chance that Raziel is launched worldwide again, we do hope it finds much more success.