Colopl – Japan studio exposes 2 employees caught manipulating ranking chart

Colopl, the Japan studio which made mobile games such as Dragon Project and White Cat Project, recently announced that it had “caught” 2 employees trying to manipulate the grossing chart of its new mobile game, Project Babel. Launched in Japan on 12 June, Colopl said that the 2 employees, one being a manager, worked with a 3rd party to top-up around USD 80,000 in the iOS version on 13 June. The money comes from the budget for Project Babel, which is in violation of Apple’s terms and conditions. Colopl was tipped anonymously on 18 June. This news was made public on respected Japanese business website, Nikkei.

Colopl did not answer questions if this happened in the past before, but said it will have a board meeting soon and form an investigative committee which will include 3rd parties. The impact from this “scandal” is currently very minor, according to Colopl. No police report was mentioned, and the future of the 2 employees remains unclear. Having tried Project Babel on launch day, we could say that it is a bad Japanese mobile games based on the first couple of hours. We will be surprised if Colopl launches Project Babel overseas.