Lineage 2: Revolution – Quick look at the new Kamael race in Korean server

Lineage 2: Revolution is one of the first major mobile MMORPG titles to be crafted using Unreal Engine 4, and the game is still popular today all over the world. Developer NCsoft is not resting its laurels for the original Korean server, and yesterday added the game’s 6th playable race, Kamael. This should not be a surprise as Kamael is found in the PC version of Lineage 2. The only race waiting to be added would now be Ertheia. We managed to get into the crowded servers, flooded with new and returning players, to try out the Kamael.

Just a fair warning, the gameplay video below is filled with graphical issues and sharp, sudden sound distortions due to connection issues. With that out of the way, the first thing spotted would be the Kamael being restricted to only the female gender, most likely due to restrictions in a mobile environment. The 3 Kamael classes are different as well from the PC version. We chose the crossbow as the DPS should supposedly be the highest. There are other new features added in the update, but we will leave those details out for you to try out when the Kamael arrives in the Global and Southeast Asia servers in a few months.