My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero – New mobile RPG based on popular IP revealed

Following the recent Closed Beta phase of My Hero Academia Mobile in China, we were surprised to hear that another Chinese studio is developing a second mobile game based on the popular Japanese manga and anime IP. Titled My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, this mobile version will have full 3D graphics, different from the first one. The studio, which doesn’t yet have its own website, stated that My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is an action RPG which will follow the storyline of the original work. There is currently no launch schedule, although the game will make an appearance at an ACG event this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates and we will try out the Closed Beta when available!

Here are some debut screenshots for My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero provided by the development team. Note that these are not final, as the game is still in development.


  1. Man that last pic of Deku looks so much like the image of Naruto when he returns to Konoha after the time skip. Too cute 🙂 Cant wait to try this game out! Hope it has real open world battles but just running around in an overworld and activating battle scenarios!


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