One-Punch Man: The Strongest Man – China subway station decorated to celebrate upcoming milestone

Following My Hero Academia Mobile, publisher Tianma is preparing to launch another new mobile RPG based on a popular Japanese IP in China soon. One-Punch Man: The Strongest Man, which already had a couple of Closed Beta tests, will enter a new test phase later this month. To celebrate this milestone, Tianma has decorated a station on the Beijing subway with the game’s banners. Just to assure readers, Chinese studios have stepped up their IP management, and One-Punch Man: The Strongest Man is officially approved by IP owner Shueisha and even has manga artist Yusuke Murata taking part in the project’s illustrations.

The gameplay of One-Punch Man: The Strongest Man is very similar to that of My Hero Academia Mobile‘s, with players forming teams of heroes and taking on opponents. Of course, there will be several other side modes and features to strengthen the heroes, not forgetting the gacha system as well. There is apparently no other mobile games based on the One-Punch Man IP yet in Japan, and this will be the first officially-licensed one in China. We will try to give the game a go when it is available! As with most anime-related mobile games, One-Punch Man: The Strongest Man will most likely not have an overseas launch.