My Hero Academia Mobile – Quick look at Closed Beta phase in China

In case you are wondering, this game is officially licensed from the Japanese IP owner, so it isn’t a bootleg title. Such practices are getting more common in China, which is a good thing. Developed by Chinese studio Tianma, which also made the mobile MMORPG games MU Origin and MU Origin 2, My Hero Academia Mobile entered Closed Beta testing in China recently. The game follows the anime storyline closely, and I believe the content is still very limited depicting the early days of enrollment. The gameplay for My Hero Academia Mobile is very simple in the form of turn-based combat system and gacha-ing new characters.

Of course, players get to buff their characters with all kinds of equipment, skill upgrades, enhancing their rarity and more. Other than rarity, characters are also categorized by their  types (ice, fighting, fire, etc), where weaknesses come into play. This is not so much visible during the early period though. An interesting casual feature is patrolling the streets, where players can get bonuses, meet other heroes, get to answer quiz questions, etc. There are many cut-scenes from the anime, but I had to remove them due to  copyright issues. I highly doubt My Hero Academia Mobile will launch overseas, so don’t have your hopes up.