Goat of Duty – Multiplayer shooter with goats discovered on Steam

[Steam page] To be honest, we were unsure if we should post anything about this game, since we came across it randomly while browsing through Steam. But since there is online multiplayer, so why the goat not? Set to be published by Raiser Games soon, this is Goat of Duty, an upcoming “fast-paced multiplayer shooter” where every player is a goat. The story started with a freak nuclear accident that gave goats intelligence to quickly overthrow humans with their powerful rams, high jumps, and ear-blowing bleats… What the goat?!

Apparently there is no real lore or story to Goat of Duty. Just armed goats going around killing every living and moving organism. No nonsense: no need to master a convoluted metagame, learn different characters, combine skills, strategic team play… just devilish combat arenas, powerful weapons, and fast-paced action. Well, and lots of silly humor, crazy goatstumes (skins), and goat mechanics to troll your friends to your heart’s content!

Goat of Duty key features:

Goats. You are an armed goat fighting other goats. It doesn’t get any better than that!

• Experience intense deathmatch multiplayer battles for 2 to 10 goats

• Fast-paced gameplay: Goats are fast and nimble, after all; they can climb pretty much anything and jump really high.

• Old-school, no-nonsense shooter experience: Just you and your skills against your enemies!

• Wear crazy goatstumes, dance like a goat, and troll your buddies when you bleat them in combat!

Four multiplayer modes: Classic free-for-all and team deathmatch and two original Goat of Duty creations (stay tuned for details!).

• Explore a variety of crazy maps with different playstyles: Feel right at home on a futuristic farm, explore mountains in distant planets, survive the desert of the lambs, experience hair-rising fear at the horror well, wander adrift the space station, or encounter mind-boggling randomness at the medieval village — among others!