Super Mecha Champions – NetEase launches mobile anime mecha shooter in Southeast Asia

NetEase Games today announced the official Southeast Asia launch of its new anime-style mobile mecha shooter, Super Mecha Champions. The fast-pace third person shooter offers a colorful and vibrant battlefield where a variety of mechas and futuristic weapons clash. Another highlight is the use of a few famous seiyuus, including Tomokazu Seki (Gilgamesh in Fate/Grand Order) and Rina Satō (Makoto Niijima in Persona 5: The Animation). New modes have also been added in the official launch version, so try out the game right now!

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First purchase to obtain new character, Joanna

Purchase any premium currency pack to get the all-new character “Joanna” and both the currency and EXP bonus cards! Joanna is a new character only available upon the game’s release. She’s energetic, lively, friendly, and quite a celebrity of an athlete!

New 3-player squad mode

To celebrate Super Mecha Champions’ official Southeast Asia launch on both Google Play and App Store, the highly-anticipated 3-player squad mode has been unlocked, adding to the previous solo and duo modes. These 3 modes will suit players of all kinds, including those who want to test their individual skills or play with friends to take down the enemies!

Popular seiyuu Rina Satō gives her blessing

Rina Satō, the voice actor for Ning, the female lead of the game, has also recorded a personal video to the fans, showing off her performance as the hard-working and optimistic Ning, as well as giving SMC her most sincere blessings. Note that every character in the game is fully voiced in Japanese! More names of other greatly respected voice talents featured in Super Mecha Champions will be revealed in the near future.