MARVEL Super War – First mobile MOBA based on Marvel characters enters Closed Beta

Just last week, China gaming giant NetEase announced a major partnership with Marvel to work on new content using the its massive IP. Today, NetEase announced the first of these project, MARVEL Super War, the first mobile MOBA title based on Marvel characters. The first MOBA based on Marvel was actually on PC, Marvel End Time Arena. Back to MARVEL Super War, the game has now entered Closed Beta in selected countries on Google Play and App Store, including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and India. Lasting until June 10, there will not be a top-up function and accounts will be deleted before soft-launch.

As mentioned, MARVEL Super War is a mobile MOBA, so you could expect staple features such as real-time 5 vs 5 team battles with the aim of destroying the opposing team’s base. Other than the many iconic Marvel characters as the main attraction, NetEase is touting “fair combat” with “balanced gameplay” for the game. The character are all sorted under different categories, although I am not sure of the names for these roles. Once again, MARVEL Super War is currently in Closed Beta until June 10 with data wipe, so stay tuned!