Dragon Raja 2 – Quick look at new mobile MMORPG based on popular novel sequel

Dragon Raja 2 is a new mobile MMORPG which recently launched in South Korea developed by a little-known studio called Skymoons Technology (it dabbles in other businesses such as wireless communication and drones). In case you are wondering, Dragon Raja started out as a PC MMORPG, before first landing on mobile back in 2016. The Dragon Raja games are all based on the Korean novel of the same name, but Dragon Raja 2 takes its material from the official sequel, Future Walker, which currently has no English entry on Wikipedia.

While it may not show in the footage, I am quite impressed by the graphics of Dragon Raja 2, since it is not developed by a big company or using Unreal Engine 4. The gameplay itself is reminiscence of mainstream mobile MMORPG titles, such as TERA M, but there are unique features which set itself apart. For example, the limited-time dragon and companion summons, and the follow-up skills which cannot be automated. Since I just started out, features such as guild wars, boss raids and more are not recorded. Dragon Raja 2 is the first major game from Skymoons Technology, so it is unknown if it will head overseas.