MARVEL Super War – First look at Closed Beta phase of new mobile MOBA

As announced yesterday, the Closed Beta phase of MARVEL Super War started in just a few selected countries in Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and India. Although there will be a data wipe when Closed Beta ends on June 10, it hasn’t stopped curious gamers from flooding the server to its max capacity. We managed to play a few AI games, and have captured some video footage as seen below! Do note that it is Closed Beta, and the game might not be optimized in terms of graphics and features. Watch on!

The first video is basically a look at the user interface (UI) of the current version of MARVEL Super War, and no doubt the design will change for the future launch. The idea is similar to League of Legends, where new characters and skins are bought with 2 different currencies. As with the standard MOBA setup, the 5 vs 5 mode takes center stage. The latency was of no issue from our side, which is definitely a big plus. MARVEL Super War is the first of many projects between NetEase and Marvel, and there is currently no launch schedule yet.