Perfect World Mobile – Quick look at mobile version of classic PC MMORPG

Developed by Perfect World (also known as Wanmei) and published by Tencent Games in China, Perfect World Mobile launched with much fanfare as it is the first time the 14 year-old IP has a title on mobile devices. At the time of typing this article, which is nearly 14 hours after the official launch started, Perfect World Mobile has a total of 31 servers on Android (27 of those are connected to IOS players). Is the game worth the hype? After all, the PC version of Perfect World was many gamers’ first actual MMORPG. Let’s find out!

• Before we begin, do note that all opinions are solely MMO Culture’s, and players are free to feel differently. All opinions are based on 2 hours of initial gameplay.

• The major negative I encountered was the game’s graphics. Yes, I do know that Perfect World Mobile is “faithful” to the original PC game, but the least I would expect is for the graphics to be updated to 2019. I can spot ugly patches of low-resolution art and even missing textures all throughout my journey. This is after the fact that I have bumped up all graphical options to the maximum, even on the PC emulator provided by Tencent Games.

• Did you know that “next-generation graphics” was touted as one of Perfect World Mobile’s 4 main features? I mean, really! Look at the image below.

• Personally, I felt like the gameplay systems are mostly the same as other mobile MMORPG titles out there. I wasn’t expecting anything unique or revolutionary, but I am open to be surprised. But of course, none arrived.

• There is very minimal aerial and underwater combat in the first 2 hours, and I thought they could be introduced more to excite players. Either that, or just have an aerial PVE dungeon right out of the gate to impress players, rather than keeping them as end-game content. Perhaps there is one on the third hour, but thus far there is none.

• Every feature you would expect from a modern mobile MMORPG can be found in Perfect World Mobile. PVE dungeons, PVP modes, raids, pets, mounts, wings, marriage system, costumes, PVE endless towers, and many more.

• Not many players are using healers at this moment, which makes it quite easy to find parties if they are looking for one.

For a game with just 4 official features touted, I am not really sure what other points I could bring out to talk about. I personally do not see Perfect World Mobile being launched overseas, but who knows? What else do you want to know about the game? Be sure to let me know in the comments below or in the comments on our Facebook page. Thank you!