EVE Online – Upcoming Korean version will link with current global community

Executives from Pearl Abyss (Black Desert) and CCP Games (EVE Online) held a media conference together for the first time in South Korea recently since the former bought over the latter last year. During the conference, CCP Games announced a localized Korean version of EVE Online is in the works and scheduled to launch end 2019. However, it will NOT be a standalone server, and will be connected with the rest of the global players. On the concern of different time zones, the reply given was “the most successful alliance on EVE Online is multinational and global”. Stay tuned for more updates on EVE Online!

Update: Just to be clear once again, there is NO standalone server for the localized Korean version. The native Korean gamers will still play and join up with the global community. I have no idea how the exact system will work, but there will be NO new server. The article title has since been edited to highlight this.