TERA – Huge crossover event with PUBG officially begins

[Download game] Games publisher En Masse Entertainment today dropped the limited time TERA x PLAYERUNKONWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS collaboration event into TERA, their flagship action combat MMORPG. The collaboration brings a month of in-game events, PUBG-themed loot, and cosmetic rewards to TERA on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One consoles concluding on April 5. Players across all platforms can hunt for air-drops throughout Northern Arun, but be cautious as these crates can be filled with event rewards, including Battle Points, or deadly popori eager to spring a trap on unsuspecting victims.

Battle Points and other rewards can also be earned by logging in for at least one hour each day and completing dungeons or battling open world bosses. When players have acquired enough Battle Points, they can be spent in the in-game “PUBG Shop” to unlock permanent PUBG-themed cosmetics and an array of helpful event consumables. After a hard day of securing air-drops and eliminating bosses, players can return to the main city, Highwatch, and enjoy temporary PUBG-themed decorations while showing off their shiny new loot.