Cabal Mobile – Brief look at Closed Beta 1 gameplay for new mobile MMORPG

First announced last month, Cabal Mobile entered Closed Beta 1 in South Korea recently. Developed and published by the original makes, ESTgames, Cabal Mobile is a very faithful adaptation of the popular PC version, Cabal Online, with changes made to accommodate the mobile MMORPG for mobile screens and devices. While I personally played Cabal Online when it first came out in Asia, it has been sometime since and some features were not familiar to me. Still, I did a short run in Cabal Mobile to have an overall feel of the title.

• While I understand the need to stay true to the original PC MMORPG, I felt that the graphics could be upgraded for Cabal Mobile. Yes, it really is nostalgic when looking at the game, but most of the 3D characters look horrendous. But then again, players will be looking on a smaller screen in real-time, and it will not be an issue with all the flashy skills.

• Since the game is in Korean, I definitely missed out on some features. There are tons of non-stop quests in Cabal Mobile, which is a good thing since there is always something to do. But there is definitely a repetitive flow of “kill X” quests.

• I have yet to enter a party dungeon, but there is definitely this feature in Cabal Mobile.

• Due to time constraints, the combo system will be looked into in the next Closed Beta.

• The current game content in Closed Beta 1 is up to level 99.

• Developer ESTgames just posted an apology note for the various bugs in the game, and assured that the next Closed Beta phase will be better.

• There is currently no overseas publisher or server announced for Cabal Mobile.

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Note: Most of the audio is missing from the gameplay video due to technical issues. Apologies for this!