Soul Ark: Brave and Fate – Mobile RPG by Ragnarok creator launches in North America

As a gamer, you most probably have heard of the classic MMORPG Ragnarok Online developed by Gravity. But not many know that the evergreen game is adapted from a Korean manhwa, also known as manga or comic, created by Lee Myung-jin. His latest work, Soul Ark: Brave and Fate, recently launched in North America for iOS and Android devices. Developed and published by Bluestone Soft, Soul Ark: Brave and Fate is a 2D hero collection mobile RPG which takes place in a futuristic sci-fi world known as the Net Sphere.

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Just a quick note, Soul Ark: Brave and Fate is currently available only in North America, but it is scheduled to expand into more countries soon. Do follow its official Facebook page for the latest updates! For Southeast Asia, there has already been a local publisher too. The story of Soul Ark: Brave and Fate depicts a raging war for power against a mysterious race from an unknown location, causing worlds to collapse. It is now time for players to rise together, gather their team of heroes, and battle against the hostile cybernetic legion!