LINE Games – Publisher reveals several new mobile and PC games for global market

Most gamers in Asia most probably have heard of or used the mobile communication app known as LINE which first originated in Japan. Its gaming platform, LINE Games, didn’t really make a splash elsewhere due to several reasons, such as having no uniform business strategy and hit games. This ought to change soon, as LINE Games have regrouped and aim to make it big in the global games market. After the recent launch of Destiny Child, LINE Games held a media event known as LPG (LINE Games-Play-Game) to introduce its stable of games in 2019. Other than mobile games, there are even Steam games too!

Mobile Games

Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes is a hero collection mobile RPG developed by OOZOO, which also made the first game Exos Saga which was published by Eyedentity Games. Other than mentioning the polished 3 D graphics and having over 200 heroes, different gameplay modes were also promised. LINE Games intends to launch Exos Heroes with 1 uniform global build in 2019.

Ravenix: The Card Master

Also being crafted by developer OOZOO, Ravenix: The Card Master is a mobile TCG game. According to LINE Games, there are 3 main pillars to the game, which are “Management”, “Simulation”, and “Analysis”. Standard battles are 1 vs 1, with 3 starting classes for players to choose from and over 200 cards to form their decks and strategies. Developer OOZOO claims it has eliminate the “luck” element from Ravenix: The Card Master, and players can only win through skills and strategies. There will also be PVE content as well. LINE Games intends to launch Ravenix: The Card Master with 1 uniform global build in 2019.

Dark Summoners

Developed by SkeinGlobe, Dark Summoners is a mobile strategy game which features real-time battles on a vertical screen. LINE Games claimed this will allow players to grasp the pulse of battle with a clearer view while directly controlling their characters. Other than PVP modes, there is also a 3-player PVE raid. LINE Games intends to launch Dark Summoners with 1 uniform global build in 2019 with more details to be announced in the near future.

Project PK

A mobile action adventure RPG, Project PK is being developed by studio Rock Square. Project PK is being touted as a “high-end” action game centered around surviving against enemies and monsters while exploring the world. Choosing the right weapons when facing different targets is key! Powered by Unreal Engine 4, players can enjoy the hard-hitting combat with improved physics. Project PK will have both story and co-op gameplay modes. LINE Games intends to launch Project PK with 1 uniform global build in 2019.

Super String

There is no doubt that this mobile RPG has a really weird name. Super String is in development by Factorial Games, and it is based on 15 different webtoons. You can read more about what webtoon is here. With so many popular webtoon characters in 1 mobile game, creator Ylab claims this is the “Asian version of Avengers”. You can view some of the character’s webtoon designs here. Super String will be a 3D game utilizing turn-based combat, with players acting as the “commander-in-chief” controlling them. LINE Games intends to launch Project PK with 1 uniform global build in South Korea next year.

PC Games

Project NM

Definitely a surprise announcement by LINE Games, as it is primarily a mobile-based company and platform. Project NM is being worked on by studio Space Dive, and it is a third person shooter (TPS) title said to combine elements from the RPG genre as well. Little is known about the mysterious Project NM at this time, so stay tuned for more updates!

Mobile + PC Games

Project NL

A survival MOBA mobile game, Project NL is in development by MeerKat Games. Project NL combines the best elements of both “survival” and “MOBA” game genres, such as cooking food, crafting tools and finding weapons, with up to 100 users roaming the battlefield. There is a strong emphasis of the strategic use of the environmental features in this game. LINE Games intends to launch Project NL with 1 uniform global build in 2019. Different from the other mobile games, Project NL will launch on the Steam platform too.

Uncharted Waters Origin

This is a huge one, as Uncharted Waters Origins is a joint project between LINE Games and Koei Tecmo, the Japanese IP holder of the Uncharted Waters series. Huge numbers were claimed, including over 200 ports to explore, over 1,000 NPC characters, about 4,000 discoveries to be made, and over 1,000 cultural items! Development will be led by studio Motif, formed by veterans from Nexon, XLGAMES and Netmarble, using Unreal Engine 4.

Tomokazu Takeda, the Producer and Director of Uncharted Waters Online, will be part of the core development team as well. Uncharted Waters Origin’s BGM is handled by Yoko Kanno, who will provide over 100 pieces of music. Uncharted Waters Origin is scheduled to launch in 2020 to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Uncharted Waters. LINE Games will publish this massive MMORPG on both mobile platforms as well as on the Steam platform.