MU Origin 2 – Pre-registration phase begins in Southeast Asia for mobile MMORPG sequel

It is time to begin on an exciting new MMOPRG adventure: MU Origin 2, coming soon to Android and iOS devices! The Facebook page is now open to SEA players, and those who are looking forward to play this mobile masterpiece can pre-register now for exclusive gift package, including in-game currencies, mount, spirit, etc. Players who pre-register now stand a chance to win prizes such as a brand-new iPhone XS Max or MOL topup cards!

Official pre-register website:
Reunite with your brothers in MU Origin 2 and get more additional awards!

Speaking of the beginning of the MU franchise, there was no doubt that it was a mega-hit after first launching in 2003. MU Online was not only a shared memory of gamers born in the 70s and 80s, but was also the first PC client game that many born in the 90s played. Authorized by Webzen in 2015, studio Tianma developed MU Origin and brought the PC MMORPG experience to mobile devices. It quickly became a sensation in China, Korea and South East Asia. MU Origin remains in the top charts until now, almost 4 years after launch.

3 years later, developed by the same team at studio Tianma, the forthcoming MU ORIGIN 2 promises to offer polished and innovative gameplay designed specifically for a better mobile experience and movie-like 3D graphics. Earlier this year, MU Origin 2 launched in the Chinese and Korean markets, published by Tencent and Webzen respectively. It quickly received top rankings on the Google Play and App Store charts, once again proving the game’s popularity in these 2 tough markets and getting the seal of approval from gamers.

MU Origin 2, with the aim of revitalizing the classic MU experience, perfectly restores the classic plots, scenes, characters and skills by oodles of exquisite concept arts and stunning 3D graphics. Players can easily retrace their initial MU memories, choose their favorite class, build up their teams and experience the thrill of adventuring through the continent of MU. Meanwhile, fan favorite features such as Blood Castle and Devil Square from MU Online are reproduced as faithfully as possible for modern mobile touchscreen phones and tablets.

Being fans of MU Online and having developed MU Origin previously, the team at Tianma knows the importance of inheriting the MU IP. While aiming to recall veteran gamers’ memories of MU through classic characters, boss, map and gameplay features, the team also made significant upgrades to adapt to modern day mobile devices, including optimized 3D graphics, a fluent battle experience, and provide a selection of PVE and PVP modes.

Deep in the treacherous dungeon of Devil Square, hordes of monsters are waiting for brave adventures to challenge them, with rich rewards such as rare equipment and experience points awaiting. For the Blood Castle system, players must defend against waves of berserk monsters and survive until the end before finally getting generously rewarded. The PVP-focused Red Fortress is for players who are keen on having competitive PVP battles against real players. Developer Tianma has also confirmed more PVP modes are being worked on.

More information about MU Origin 2 can be found at the official site and Facebook page.

About publisher GameNow

GameNow, as well as studio Tianma, are all wholly-owned subsidiaries of Ourplam. As one of China’s biggest mobile game developer and publisher in both domestic and global markets, Ourpalm has developed and published many famous games: MU Origin, MU Origin 2, The King of Fighters ’98, Freestyle, One Punch Man, Heroes of Might and Magic etc.