Conqueror’s Blade – Public weekend test announced for medieval warfare MMO

[Register now] Winter has finally arrived and global publisher and developer Booming are mounting up for the mayhem of siege warfare. On the weekend of December 15 and 16 the servers for the epic medieval MMO, Conqueror’s Blade, will be open to anyone with Warlord aspirations who registered. For this event, new maps and units are added to the existing game build to add variety and allow for even more tactical creativity. Follow the official Conqueror’s Blade Facebook page for all the timings and new updates!

For this weekend test phase, players can create their characters, select one of the medieval inspired weapons, and learn the art of siege warfare. New players will receive a handsome amount of silver to equip themselves and their fresh troops before diving into the action-heavy sieges of Conqueror’s Blade; 15 vs 15 castle assault scenarios in which one team storms the walls while the other welcomes the enemies with barrages of fury. Spectacular to behold and vast in scale, each scenario offers both tactical possibility and replay value.