Dungeon & Fighter Mobile – Neople confirms action mobile game for Korean launch

On Christmas day, Nexon and subsidiary developer Neople held the Dungeon & Fighter Carnival 2018 event in South Korea. Other than tons of new content for Dungeon & Fighter, Neople also officially announced Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, an adaptation of the popular PC MMORPG. A faithful port with the glorious 2D graphics, it seemed like a lesson learned as the 3D version, Dungeon & Fighter: Spirits, officially closed down in less than 12 months.

The team handling Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is actually named Neople Action Studio, and we are currently not sure if it is a new studio or an internal team at Neople. With 150 employees, Neople Action Studio was formed in July 2017 although it has been working on projects for 18 months now. As reported by the local media, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is developed based on content up to level 60 of the popular PC version. While the world view remains the same, there will be new storyline and events introduced in the mobile version.

Just a note, a couple of test phases have already been held in China by Tencent Games for Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, and the game is expected to launch there in early 2019 after the South Korean launch. Neople Action Studio is also working on Project BBQ, which was once rumored to be the sequel to Dungeon & Fighter. More information in the next article!