Project BBQ – Unreal Engine 4 action MMORPG with Dungeon & Fighter elements announced

During the Dungeon & Fighter Carnival event held on Christmas day, Nexon and Neople not only announced Dungeon & Fighter Mobile for the South Korean market, but also revealed a new PC project they are working on – Project BBQ. Currently just around a year into development using Unreal Engine 4, we first knew about the game due to a previous job posting. Project BBQ will also be the first Dungeon & Fighter related game to embrace a full 3D environment. But how is this game related to the main Dungeon & Fighter franchise?

Project BBQ is the 2nd publicly-announced game project under new team Neople Action Studio, which is handling Dungeon & Fighter Mobile as well. Action Studio also confirmed that Project BBQ will have elements from the lore of Dungeon & Fighter, such as characters classes as shown in the teaser trailer. When asked by the media at the event on how Project BBQ compares to Mabinogi Heroes and Kritika, the Action Studio team claimed that they are focused on making a great 3D action game rather than pursuing a unique style.

Also mentioned during the event are “7 to 8 characters”,  along with a “seamless world” system with open field maps and instanced dungeons, pretty much like a standard MMORPG. As for why the game is currently known as Project BBQ, it is a reference to the Gunner class’ BBQ combo which was used widely during the early days of Dungeon & Fighter. The combo is very action-oriented, involving several movements, which sums up the overall design goal for Project BBQ. Since it is just around a year in the works, there is no launch schedule confirmed. Stay tuned to MMO Culture for the latest detailed updates!