Project Knock – Dungeon & Fighter sequel is powered by Unreal Engine

Back in February, Nexon Korea posted 3 positions for Project Knock, which is the codename for the the sequel to Dungeon & Fighter (or Dungeon Fighter Online). The 3 positions are namely Server/ Client Programmer, Game Artist, and Project Manager, with an emphasis on Unreal Engine experience preferred. And yes, Nexon did mention Project Knock is the sequel to Dungeon & Fighter. Is the series moving to Thingsoft for a new perspective?

Strangely, the developer is not Neople, the studio behind the original MMORPG. Instead, new acquisition Thingsoft is working on Project Knock. Thingsoft is still working on Peria Chronicles, so it is strange why this decision was taken. Earlier today, Nexon posted several available positions for Project NT, the codename for Peria Chronicles, including game planning, programming, and more. When will we finally get to see a demo for the game?