ArcheAge – Korean server celebrating 6th anniversary with new game update

Earlier today, Korean developer XLGAMES released a new preview trailer for its “massive” ArcheAge update scheduled for January 2019, also the 6th anniversary for the Korean server! If you did not know, founder Jake Song has taken back the lead development role for a few months now after noticing ArcheAge went on a down-slide. Self-publishing is both financially and time taxing, especially in Korea. While the preview trailer was just shown, a fan session was actually held on 22 Dec, with Jake Song and team answering questions. Below are ones which we feel are more important to localize for everyone. Do read on!

• The team at XLGAMES is wary of the abuse (aka hacks and exploits) happening in ArcheAge, and is working hard to continue to improve game security.

• They know about how tanks and healers are weak in the game, and have buffed them in sometime in the second half of 2018. The healer should especially be more playable now. It was stressed that tanks, healers, and DPS classes are all needed to form a party in the upcoming new area. (Not sure if this is compulsory or just for an easier raid experience)

• New RVR content is still under development. XLGAMES is aiming to add this content in March 2019, but will keep everyone updated again.

• Daily quests and content are in the process of being balanced so that players do not have to keep repeating the same boring routines to get rewarded. The team is asking for feedback on the “boring” parts from the players, and will continue to improve them.

• New events, rewards, and enhanced benefits will be implemented in January 2019 to welcome back former players. The dev and business teams are working together on this.

All in all, XLGAMES acknowledged during the fan event that they are in the know of many issues and explained how they are going to tackle them. It is also unknown how the sale of Trion Worlds, publisher of ArcheAge in the west, to European company Gamigo will affect the server’s update schedule. Will ArcheAge revive South Korea? Let’s wait and find out.