Bless The Demon Puppets – Japanese studio reveals new hardcore horror battle royale on Kickstarter

[Kickstarter page] Qmax, a games developer located in Fukuoka, Japan, recently announced its latest project on Kickstarter, Bless The Demon Puppets. Build for Windows PC, Bless the Demon Puppets is a “hardgore” battle royale game which will be sold on Steam after it launches in late 2019. As you would have guessed, “hardgore” is the combination of both “hardcore” and “gore” which the game promises to have tons of.

Each battle in Bless The Demon Puppets has 30 participants who become hideous beings. They must kill and eat each other; washing blood with blood in an epic struggle. The goal is to be the last survivor. Qmax’s ambition is to create a unique game in the battle royale genre. The team promises to “include features that stir up feelings of euphoria and dread.”

Qmax is definitely not a newbie in the game development scene, having worked on many Japanese titles for all platforms including mobile and PC for the past 20 years. Some titles can be seen in the image below. Bless The Demon Puppets is the company’s first solo entry into the western market and the crowdfunding stage, so do have a look and support it!