Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit – Closed Beta footage for new mobile game

As announced previously, Nexon and subsidiary development team Neople are preparing 2 mobile games based on Dungeon & Fighter, with one having the classic 2D graphics said to be for the Chinese market. The other is a 3D version for the global market, titled Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit, which entered Closed Beta recently in South Korea. I tried the game for a very short while, and felt the game to be too repetitive despite the fast action combat.

Different from the PC MMORPG, there are just 4 playable characters in Dungeon & Fighter: Spirit. However, the class advancement system is still intact, and I encountered the first at level 15. There are several dungeon modes, including surviving waves of monsters, while I have yet to take part in PVP at level 20. There is no overseas launch scheduled confirmed.

dungeon-fighter-spirit-google-play-image-1 dungeon-fighter-spirit-google-play-image-2 dungeon-fighter-spirit-google-play-image-3