MIA Online – Pre-register now for new mobile RPG before global launch

[Pre-register now] A couple of weeks ago, Southeast Asia games publisher Cubizone started the pre-registration phase for its upcoming new mobile action RPG, MIA Online. With the worldwide official launch arriving in a few weeks, it is now your last chance to grab some digital goodies! Similar to most mobile action RPG titles, MIA Online is touting several different small and large-scale PVP modes (3 vs 3, 10 vs 10, Nation War), 6 unique classes which are not gender-locked, and even claims to allow non-linear character builds.

MIA Online pre-register

Nation War will be a key highlight, with players having to choose to pledge their allegiance to 1 of 4 available nations. PK mode is turned on whenever players step into a different kingdom’s land! With regards to the non-linear character build feature, there are functions such as Status Merge and Gem System to allow players to customize their own characters. Finally, staples such as mount system and party dungeons will all be available at launch.

There are a few pre-registration events ongoing right now, including server-wide rewards for hitting various milestones. Other than in-game currency, a powerful Mystical Mount awaits right at the top of the milestone ladder! MIA Online is set to have its global launch in a few weeks, so follow its official Facebook page for the latest updates. Pre-register now!