Nexon – Major investment in new European developer announced

After revealing its 14 games for G-Star 2018, Nexon announced its financial results for the 3rd quarter of 2018 earlier today. The game giant posted record-high revenues, operating income, and net income, driven by continued strength of its biggest franchises across various regions. As seen from the chart below, Europe and others are bringing in big money for Nexon. This is most likely due to the success of MapleStory M in Southeast Asia.

One of the key highlights of this financial announcement is the deal made with new developer, Embark Studios. You can see most of the details in the image below. If I remember correctly, Nexon doesn’t have the best luck investing in western studios, seeing how LawBreakers crumble under the narcissistic control of Cliff Bleszinski. Also, the sudden and unannounced partnership breakup with QC Games over its maiden title, Breach.